Recommitting To Your Fitness Goals

Recommitting To Your Fitness Goals

It has been six months since the New Year started; and by this time, people have already fallen off their routine of working out more often and eating healthy. Sometimes it’s our lack of motivation. Other times it is the fact that our schedules became so hectic that we couldn’t find the time to fit in our daily workout or meal prep for the week. It happens to the majority of us, and that is fine. What isn’t fine is when we think we’ve drifted so far from our routine that it is useless or impossible to get back on track. 

The first thing we need to remember is that staying fit, eating healthy, and making healthy decisions for our body takes time, dedication, and patience. We often start to workout and expect to see results instantly. For some, that is the case; however, for most of us, it takes months to notice a difference in our bodies. 

Recommitting to your fitness goals does not have to be hard. The best way to get back into your groove is to take it one day at a time and go at a pace. A common misconception is that we must spend hours upon hours at the gym, daily, doing endless cardio. Cardio is good for you; but, so is hitting the weight room and pumping iron. However, what we really should focus on is our nutrition. 

Managing one’s diet makes more of a difference than some people realize. Now, I am not saying you should go vegan or do the caveman diet for a month or two. Believe me; crash diets will not help you keep the weight off, or stay toned, in the end. Think of improving your nutrition as a lifestyle change; rather than a short-term diet that you will toss out once you reach your fitness goals. Think of “slow and steady wins the race.”

So, how do you get into your groove and recommit to your fitness goals? Here are some tips to help you out.

Schedule It

If you are like me, and like everything you have to do to be in the calendar, this task will come easy for you. To clarify, just because you have “Gym” schedule on your calendar at 7:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, that does not mean you have to go at that time strictly. There are some weeks where I don’t go to the gym on Friday because I have plans. Scheduling your workouts in your calendar makes you accountable; it also prevents double booking, which can result in you blowing off the gym multiple times a week.

Follow Your Schedule

Now, I know I just said adhering to a particular time is not mandatory; what’s important is that you go on a scheduled day. If you continue to schedule your workouts weekly but never go, what good is step one? Make sure you get up and go to the gym. You don’t have to stay there for over an hour; but, starting somewhere will lead to your success!

Get a Gym Partner

Working out is always more fun when you have a buddy. Having a workout buddy makes it easier to achieve your goals. You both will cheer for and encourage the other to make better decisions and get to the gym. Also, seeing your workout buddy do an extra rep or hold their plank longer will give you healthy competition; which leads to better results overall. Next time you’re going to the gym, or performing any exercise, see if you can bring a friend. 

Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your fitness goals and tracking your progress will help encourage you to stay on your fitness journey. Sometimes the scale does not tell the whole story; make weight and measurement goals, track them weekly to see what works and what does not.

Mix It Up

Doing the same workout each day or week can get boring and old, fast! Try changing it up every once in a while; this will keep you focused and excited to workout. Try an exercise class one day, go hiking the next, etc. There are so many activities you can do, at the gym and outside that can make your fitness journey fun and exciting!

Reward Yourself

Remember, not every reward has to be food. If you have lost a certain amount of weight or went down a dress size, reward yourself with a new dress. Setting up rewards encourages you to stay committed to your fitness goals. Furthermore, who doesn’t like rewards?

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