Rich in Faith

Rich in Faith

Wednesday night Rich in Faith premiered on Oxygen. It's a reality tv show following Miami pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and his wife, DawnCheré. Wilkerson and his wife are known to be Kayne's pastor. A lot of Christian might not agree with Rich's style, but I have to admit, I love it! We are in a place in life that we put people in boxes and expect them to stay in there. Being a Christian in the modern world doesn't mean we have to conform to worldly acts, but it also doesn't mean we shouldn't go where church usually wouldn't go.

This world is broken, and there are so many people out there who are broken and about to give up. It is up to us believers to go out there and show them that there's love in this broken world. A lot of people don't agree with Rich and his wife DawnCheré befriending celebrities and agreeing to do this reality show, but I think it's an excellent idea. The world's view of how Christians are based on acts many have done not from love.

What people forget at times is that Jesus showed up at weddings, parties, dinners, and places where other believers wouldn't dare to go and built relationships. How can we tell the world about God if we don't go where they don't know Him? Because Jesus went where others wouldn't lives were changed, and that is what Rich and his wife DawnCheré are doing. In the first episode, they had their first service for their church Vous at a bar. His parents were skeptical, but in the end, it was a success. Isn't that amazing? People went to a bar and came out better than when they walked in; let's be honest, that doesn't happen often.

Thomas Christianson couldn't have phrased it any better in his article "We Need More Christian Celebrities."

The world needs Christians who are willing to be influencers in all different areas of our culture—this means we need "celebrities" who are also Christians, not just “celebrities” in church spheres. Those who have been given access are responsible for using that access to point people towards a healthy relationship with God.

We need more people like Rich and DawnCheré who are willing to go to places where most preachers won't and share the gospel. The main reason we are here in the world, living our lives is to show and tell the world about Jesus, and that can only be done with love. I'm not saying to go out and make a church, but each day find someone you wouldn't normally associate with and show them the love of Christ. A lot of times we don't need to speak words to someone; our actions and our way of living can minister to others.

Another thing I loved about the show Rich in Love was how raw it was. Yes, I know it's reality tv, and a lot of times it's not real, but as a Christian seeing other Christians being followed in their daily lives, it was as if I was watching any other Christian live their lives. We love to go to the beach and joke around, we feel doubt, doubt ourselves, and worry even though we have a God who is in control, etc. All I can say is it represented a Christian life well.

Rich said in an interview:

So often it's really easy, especially for people of faith, to sit around and report negatively about the status quo of where our nation is or where entertainment is.

Our idea was to do something that's encouraging, that's positive out there. We want to show people you can have faith, even in this busy, chaotic world we live in right now.

DawnCheré added her take how the show demonstrates their faith.

It demonstrates how our faith and relationship with Jesus is really the greatest influence in every part of life, whether marriage, at work, with friends and family

If you haven't watched the first episode, it is a must! Check it out on Oxygen and let us know what you thought about the first episode.

Originally posted on Deliberate Magazine.

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