Virginia Berg 2017

It is an extraordinary privilege to write on behalf of Sherisse Woodley for the 2018 Women’s Leadership Accelerator. Sherisse exhibits selfless leadership with compassion and an eagerness to execute a project beyond expectations. Having worked with her in the industry on multiple projects of varying scales, I can recommend with the utmost confidence that Sherisse is a qualified candidate for exemplary leadership.

Sherisse has already established herself as a driven, creative innovator. She runs her own magazine, Deliberate Magazine: writing articles, organizing photo shoots, managing a team of writers while maintaining a strong social media presence on multiple platforms. She is involved at every level, from concepts to distribution; she oversees and refines the entire production. Part of her success can be attributed to her intense curiosity to learn new skills and pursue knowledge in creative areas with which she is unfamiliar. For example, rather than hiring an independent designer, Sherisse saw her need for magazine graphic art as an opportunity to be proficient in new software programs. When she was pressed for a deadline to release photos that had yet to be edited, she watched tutorials and taught herself Photoshop, InDesign, and Lightroom. Not only does she wear many hats, but she is also able to efficiently track and execute all of her magazine elements’ progression and meets every deadline.

One of the many traits that make Sherisse a remarkable leader is her profound aptitude to confront setbacks with ideas. She embraces any and every opportunity to help others and will be the first to initiate the search to find a better solution to a problem. On a recent project, I brought Sherisse on to a group photo-shoot as a stylist. There were nine models, and each had seven or eight costume changes. I gave Sherisse a generalized style guide with reference images, and she took it upon herself to travel to each person’s home and go through their closets individually. From the visits, she compiled personal lookbooks and additionally generated a spreadsheet so everyone could see the individual looks grouped as a whole.  The models that we not confident in their wardrobe selections she took shopping or would scout clothes in her spare time and send pictures. During the photo shoot, Sherisse assisted in not only dressing but stepped up to supporting hair and makeup and went as far as to be a second photographer when we were pressed for time. The three-day shoot only required Sherisse to be there for one day, but she commuted an hour and a half round trip every day wholly unsolicited and stepped up to help wherever she saw a need. Sherisse leads through action and by example: she is consistently on the move, offering help wherever she sees a need and consistently brings positive energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. Her upbeat and charismatic attitude is both contagious and inspiring. She approaches conflicts with patience and obstacles with steady resilience. She is an invaluable asset to any project, consistently a great role model with an even higher character.

Rachel Bailin 2015

I write to recommend Sherisse Woodley as a talented and hardworking employee. She is an excellent team-member with a passion and talent for creative projects .

Sherisse is a fantastic communicator and organizer. In the setting of a chaotic start-up, she organized her communication across teams and took ownership of projects that were integral to the growth of the content side of the business. My role is Chief Product Officer, and I was delighted to work with Sherisse and utilize her talent for the curation of creative content. She changed the way we presented our fashion content and elevated the experience for our users to make the site feel like a seamless shoppable vogue blog or magazine spread.

Sherisse is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Of particular value to me as a manager at an early stage start-up, was Sherisse’s team player mind-set, enthusiastic embrace of change, ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to exceeding my expectations for what content Spylight would be able to produce.

Sherisse brought energy, creativity, focus, and good judgment to her role. She learns new skills quickly and is an honest communicator. She also takes constructive criticism extremely well and is always looking to do things the best and most efficient way - not just trying to cross things off of a list. Though she also accomplishes tasks quickly. Sherisse has an incredible knack for identifying content users want.

Sherisse is a warm and cheerful person. She is sympathetic to others and instinctively adept with both business communication and the creative process working with designers or product.. I recommend Sherisse without reservation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.  

Alyssa Moore 2015

Sherisse’ worked for Spylight as our top director of content for a year and was quickly promoted to Senior Director of Content for her incredible work ethic and ability to manage a team. I recommend her without qualification for whatever line of content work she is applying for.

While working in the hectic days at a startup, our team often relied on Sherisse’ to pull together creative articles and research pieces, for which she provided timely and gorgeous outputs. Her creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see a project through really made her contributions distinctive and successful.

Sherisse’ is a positive, cheerful, and organized leader – she kept our content team on track and worked independently. Sherisse not only met the demands I placed on her, but generated her own, unique plans to cut costs and grow our user base (at the same time).

Any assignment given to Sherisse’ was always returned with the highest quality of work. She consistently drove a high percentage of our overall viewers to the site. Sherisse's creativity, diligence, energy and work ethic made working with her a joy. I highly recommend her as a welcome addition to any team, and am happy to hop on a call to further praise the contributions she has made to our team